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Efficy is a leading European CRM provider. The company was founded in 2005 in Belgium and in recent years has expanded across Europe including the Nordic countries.

Whether you are looking for an easy-to-use yet effective sales management tool or a more complete all-in-one CRM system including ticketing, extranet, project management, advanced document management and invoicing, Efficy has a solution for you.

Combine the CRM solution of your choice with our digital marketing platform and you are set for success. Notably law firms, real estate companies, the public sector, insurance, transport and travel industries with extensive needs have found Efficy CRM to be a suitable choice.

Efficy provides all services from sales to internal development, delivery and support. As a GDPR compliant provider with servers located in Europe, Efficy supports customers from local offices in local languages in the Nordic countries and across Europe.



SalesOnly, part of Wise People Group Oy, is the best friend of growth oriented B2B companies.We are experienced and reliable support in sales and marketing recruitment, as well as in the development of employer branding and candidate experience.


Lime Technologies has created a CRM system that is adapted to the customers’ needs and is a tool that they will actually use. Lime CRM helps sales, marketing and support teams to perform better and work smarter. From day one, our goal has been to make it easy to create exceptionally good customer relationships. The way we balance commitment and technology has made us one of the leading CRM suppliers in the Nordic region.


At Alma Talent, we want to help our customers use data in the best possible way. We process information into practical ideas that allow our customers to succeed in innovation, boosting the efficiency of processes, improving customer and sales work or developing employees.

Showell is the all-in-one sales enablement platform to manage, present, share, and track your sales content.

Helsinki Sales Academy is specialized in B2B sales. We operate as a partner along the whole sales process from recruiting and sales training to lead generation.