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Our host Gavin Ingham

High Performance Expert | Founder #IAM10 & Directors’ Compass

Helping individuals and organisations to raise performance using the #IAM10 methodology. 

What differentiates high performers from good performers? 

For the last two decades, this is the question that has driven Gavin Ingham to develop the #IAM10 high performance methodology for helping leaders to make smart decisions, employ winning strategies & get better results. 

The world is changing faster than ever. There is more competition than ever before. The global economy, AI, automation and now, the fallout from the Coronavirus, all mean that you and your people need to work with conviction, embrace change, maximise productivity and add more value to every situation. Good enough is not good enough anymore. You need to be the best. You need to be a 10.


Keynote Speakers 2023


MINIMIZING CHURN - A practical agenda based on science

Petri Parvinen, Professor of Strategic Marketing and Management at University of Helsinki

The presentation overviews the key ways in which sales related activities can help mitigate churn, help in up- and cross-selling and improve customer retention. The era of B2B SaaS services has a lot to teach any business about how to sell right, activate, engage and downsell when the is to keep customers and keep them happy even if it hasn't been a bed of roses lately.

Dr. Parvinen works as Full Professor of Strategic Marketing and Management at the University of Helsinki, the leading university in Finland. His interdisciplinary research comprising 50+ journal publications has been published in leading journals in marketing, management, innovation and information systems, and he has authored several best-seller books. He has worked with hundreds of organizations, reinforcing commercial and business thinking particularly in contexts where it has not spawned naturally. 

Dr. Parvinen continuously works as a multi-entrepreneur, salesman, consultant and investor globally. He has personally founded 14 companies and is keen to share successes and failures. He is the original father of the Aalto Ventures Program (AVP) and a frequent visitor to Stanford University. He is a popular worldwide lecturer and non-executive board member. In a book review, he has been pegged “an academic enfant terrible, whose uncontainable power of expression  is something new and fresh from the academic community.”

High activity and motivation in tough times - A new approach to scheduling more meetings with great leads

Per Lange, Keynote speaker, Author

Without a lot of meetings with great leads your whole sales pipeline will collapse. In this groundbreaking speech Per Lange will give you a new approach to scheduling meetings and demos with great leads.

Briefly about the advantages of the new approach: 

  • More prospects are willing to give their time to listen to salespeople or SDRs who contact them. Up to 90% give them at least 5 minutes of their time.

  • Supereasy to identify whether the potential customers you talk to have any priority/pressing problems that you can solve for them.

  • Almost all potential customers with matching prio/problem are willing to schedule a meeting.

  • The methodology is incredibly easy to learn, so it’s possible to raise the activity level among salespeople and SDR:s in a very short time.

Per Lange is one the most booked speakers in Scandinavia when it comes to motivation and sales. He has personally trained over 50 000 co-workers and has lectured for hundreds of thousands of people internationally. Recently he gave a keynote speech at Google's head quarter in Silicon Valley and got the quote: "The most effective sales training we've been through." 



Leading Your Sales to Success with Modern Methods

Kati Huusko-Viikilä, Chief Sales Officer, Helsinki region Chamber of Commerce 

Kati is a modern-day sales professional, who has built her competence in the fields of growth marketing agencies. She has created and managed multiple types of sales organizations. In her latest work, she transformed an active new customer acquisition-driven regional sales organization into a professional KAM-focused national sales organization.

Kati’s superpowers include B2B sales management and process development, marketing management, productization of services and the development of both new customer acquisition and customer care models. Her broad-based knowledge of various businesses across different industries is a result of her prior work experience where she helped hundreds of companies increase their sales. Kati has also been a partner in three fast-growing companies, with two exits under her belt and a third company currently in its growth phase, where she contributes to its maturity through her expertise in professional board work.

Kati's versatility, coupled with her experience in various industries, make her a dynamic force in the world of sales and marketing, inspiring others to reach for new levels of achievement and success.



Partner Talk Show 2023 

Elevating the Customer Experience with Digital Sales Rooms: How Sales Teams Can Leverage the Power of Technology

Sami Suni, Founder and CEO at Showell

Sami Suni is the founder and CEO of Showell, a leading sales enablement software company in the Nordics. With over 20 years of experience in the software industry, Sami has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in sales and marketing. He has been instrumental in driving the success of Showell and helping companies across the globe improve their sales processes.


Data is King - or is it? Generate relevant insight based on data in order to empower your sales team and engage the audience 

Johanna Höglund, Country Sales Manager Finland at Efficy

Johanna Höglund has solid experience in the fields of sales, sales management, business development and CX development for 20 years.

Working with digital marketing and marketing automation for the last ten years has given Johanna a strong insight into the power of data and data-driven marketing. At Efficy she has gained even more knowledge about the power of data at its source, the CRM system. This experience enables her to help clients improve their results.

Johanna is passionate about sales enablement and customer success. "We all work in sales, so we need a powerful and easy-to-use tool to collect, process and refine data in order to gain valuable insights that enable customers and employees to succeed in their journey."



Succeed in sales by utilizing data-driven understanding, not by shifting trends

Sanna Holopainen, Business Director at Alma Talent

Holopainen is a Business Director at Alma Talent with a strong background in Data-as-a-Service business development, product management and sales. With her extensive experience in leading teams and developing successful products, Holopainen is well-equipped to help companies navigate the complexities of today's business landscape and create value through the use of data and knowledge. She is a passionate advocate for the power of data to drive business success.




How to succeed in a challenging recruitment market 2023?

Mikko Törni, Country Manager​ at SalesOnly

Mikko Törni is a sales and recruitment professional with prior 15-year career in the ICT industry in demanding B2B sales positions up to C-level management.
Since 2001 Mikko has been involved in recruitment services, both as CEO of a staffing company and as an independent entrepreneur. From 2016, Mikko has been the country manager of SalesOnly.
Mikko has carried out sales recruitments for most industries and up to sales director/head of sales and country manager level. Mikko is particularly interested in assignments where the company wants to use key recruitments to strengthen and develop its sales organization to meet todays and future challenges.




Maximize data value, minimize data sources

Antti Lapinleimu, Country Manager of Lime Technologies Finland

Antti Lapinleimu is the Country Manager of Lime Technologies Finland, a company that is developing powerful CRM solutions, especially to tackle the unique business needs in the wholesale, manufacturing, energy & utilities, real estate and consultancy sectors. Lime CRM offers powerful value-adding features to multiple corporate functions, such as sales, customer service, marketing and help-desk services.

Antti also has a professional background from various sales and sales management roles in the Market and BI & Analytics sectors.




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